Monday, 24 August 2015

Ug ug glug glug. Feel like a lucky stone age man tasting heaven from Caveman's Evolution #7

Somewhere in deepest, darkest Kent there lies a pub called the George and Dragon, beneath said pub lies a cave (cellar) where the magic happens and the most innovative real ales are created. I like the Common Ancestor idea so much, from each mash two brews are created one strong IPA and another lower strength session pale. this has always been a tried and tested brewing technique but Caveman Brewery openly exploits it to their advantage. Another quirky Caveman idea is the Evolution range of ales and it was number 7 that ended up on the bar this weekend.

Evolution #7 is an innovative, lively, zesty brew. Tangerine meets sponge cake, honeydew melon topped with crystallised ginger with hints of banana, grape and nettle pop create a fascinating wonderland for the taste buds. Too much flavour? I hear you ask. Is there such a thing?

On the back of the palate there's a little antiseptic astringency tucked up with crab apple and cucumber. A little floral foolishness, wild meadow flowers fade into the finish but the aftertaste is fragile. Any promises of robustness alluded to on first sipping of this pint are simply broken on the journey. Flavours fade and refresh after each mouthful but do not sustain long enough during conversational interludes and the delicacy of the aftertaste is gone all to quickly making the experience a little vapid.

The deep, white head clings to the glass all the way down leaving a meniscus after each mouthful. Pale golden on the eye with an ABV of 4.7% Evolution #7 drinks somewhat above its strength which might seem to contradict earlier comments on this ale's lack of substance but somewhere halfway down the glass it all starts to make sense.

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