Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild

Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby is a rare example of a strong mild, it weighs in at 6.0% and is brewed to a pre World War I recipe. Before the Great War strong milds were the norm, in fact there were four strengths of mild ranging from 5.5% to 7% abv and designated by x's xxxx being the strongest. However grain shortages during WWI restricted the brewing industry and weaker milds replaced their stronger counterparts.
Dark Ruby is as the name suggests red in colour and very sweet with some hops on first tasting moving on to a blend of malts. Dandelion and burdock flavours mingle with bubblegum, dried fruits and cherries with an acid bite to finish which is almost vinegary. Concentric lacing decorates as this rich, sweet ale descends the glass a little speedily for an ale of such strength. Very easy to drink and very moreish and available all year round.

If you like Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby, look out for Dark Star's Victorian Mild another strong mild available in May.

A beer from a less well known mild tradition for strength with soft flavours and gentle hops. Mashed with 100% mild ale spring barley malt and then with Golding hops in the copper give the restrained bitterness.

Extract: Dark Star Website

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