Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Pint of Pernod? Don't Mind If I Do - Grafton Ales Dark Lady Porter

Propping up the bar and mulling this one over brings us all to the same conclusion. Pernod!

The paper thin laminated pump clip causes a stir of excitement on its first appearance, often poorly made pump clips offer the promise of a great brew from an even greater small brewery. Alas no such genius here.

Thinking 'surely this must be a bad barrel' and  'they can't have intended for it to taste like this' google got a bashing in the search for answers. And tragically it looks like others have had the same experience and at 4.0% its not even worth the time wading down to the bottom of the glass.

This could have been a great dark ale but with far too much aniseed hitting the senses it fails and unfortunately this barrel hit the sump.

Grafton Brewing Company started off behind the Packet Inn in Retford. Now  situated to the north end of Worksop they currently brew 100 barrels per week. The Grafton Hotel on Gateford Road in Worksop and Packet Inn in Retford sell their beers.

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