Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Full Mash - Hoxton Bonnet

The Full Mash Brewery of Stapleford, Nottingham are a small brewery fueled with a passion for real ale and an incentive for “doing things right.” Karl Waring began brewing in 1994 with a brewing kit constructed to brew using all grain known as the full mash method. Whenever Karl was introduced as a brewer the question asked was “what, full mash?” The name stuck. First as The Full Mash Brewery Then becoming Full Mash Brewery to the present day known as Full Mash. Commercial brewing began in 2003 using the original home brewing kit producing only one 9gal cask per brew. A 1brl kit was constructed to maintain orders and quickly grew into a 2brl brewery, operating 4 times a week. A 4brl brewery is currently in operation producing a range of ales from the core beer range through to seasonal specials, one off specials and a regular house beer.

Hoxton Bonnet is a very pleasing ale, balanced if a little bit wheaty with a nice citrus twist. Mildly bitter and a true beer coloured pale amber ale hoxton is a respectable session ale with a 4.2% ABV. Its an easy drink that quenches the thirst nicely, not sweet, not dry. Hoxton Bonnet is soon to be available as a bottle conditioned ale as well as the already available draught ale and is a popular choice at beer festivals.

What is that man wearing? Apart from a pair of very fetching spectacles, he dons a Hoxton Bonnet or silly hat. The focus of a craze started in London and fuelled on BBC Radio 6 by Radcliffe and Maconie, the Hoxton Bonnet is the kind of hat you can find for sale on markets all over the country. Sometimes they are knitted with side flaps and tassles or pompoms...

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