Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Hartlebury Brewery - Attwoods Pale Ale

The Hartlebury Brewery is an Independently owned Brewery founded by professional businessman and entrepreneur Gary Attwood in 2011. Gary has used his invaluable business experience along with his passion for the brewing trade to create a purpose built facility, located in the village of Hartlebury, Worcestershire.Their four main brews are Attwoods Pale Ale or APA (4.0& ABV), Nectar (4.2% ABV), O'Ryan's Bitter (5.0& ABV) and Farmer's Dark Ale (3.7% ABV) named after the head brewer John Farmer.

Newly released their crisp, light and refreshing Attwoods Pale Ale has been traditionally brewed using a careful blend of finest English hops and American cascade, resulting in a clean bitterness and delicious hop aroma to thirst for more. Floral notes of heather blend with mild toffee and fudge undertones to create this brilliant summer quencher. Straw coloured with a white, light and fluffy head Attwoods Pale laces intricately with a subtle haze on the eye. A nice light session ale with a 4.0% ABV.

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