Monday, 23 July 2012

Movie Madness Part 2 - Salamander Jelly Dolly

Moving on from Salamander's Stardust we have the intriguing Jelly Dolly. Named after the 2004 Arthouse horror film of the same name the pump clip sports a still featuring Rachael Walton in her one and only movie appearance to date. Here's the gist...
Audrey is troubled. Everything is great....she and Henry love each other, they live in a nice house, they're a happy young couple, except now she ca hardly stand the sight of him let alone allow him to touch her. What went wrong? It wasn't meant to be like this. Audrey knows she's changed. Deep inside she knows she should make a clean break but that would mean turning her life upside down-being alone. So she carries on as ever hoping her feelings will change. Her mind is plagued by dark dreams-weird sex with her best friends new boyfriend, taunted by a lunatic friend called Crevice. As Audrey struggles to keep her night-time horrors at bay they start to creep in to her reality and invade her waking hours. She develops a hideous mutation of the belly button; a small orange plastic ring grows at her naval attached to a piece of string which disappears in to her stomach. What involuntary words will she utter if the string is pulled? Will her own body betray her? Audrey must take control of her life before she is consumed by the dark world that runs parallel to her reality and she is forced to do something unspeakable . Or maybe she's just having a breakdown? It's a story for anyone who has ever ended a relationship or gone a little crazy. And you won't have seen one quite like this before.
Regardless of this strange conection to a most obscure film Jelly Dolly really is a great ale. Sweet as the name suggests like sweets and very moreish it makes for a great summer brew. At 4.3% ABV its not too strong for a session but I think it drinks a little above this strength on a hot summer's day.

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