Thursday, 26 July 2012

Does Tradition Hold You Back When You Look To Buy Beer Online?

I'm always surprised that more people do not consider the option to get their beer in a more convenient way. After all it is a bulky substance, and carry it home or even to your car must be at least a slight inconvenience. However, there are practical concerns, and even some traditional reasons for the conservative nature to using the Internet for obtaining your ale.
Real ale and bitter has always been very much intertwined with tradition. Dating back almost 400 years, the first breweries would definitely have delivered beer to the farmhands directly.
It is a mistake to think of the typical medieval British town or village as having a local tavern. It may well have a resting stop for horses and somewhere to get food, but it is very unlikely that these places would serve any type of alcoholic beverage.
Early beers were brewed by local farmers, and most were given as part of the lunch to farmhands and other outdoor workers. There was no tradition of sitting round a table and sipping a drink.
So in a way, the idea of having beer delivered to you rather than the other way round is the real traditional way of looking at things. And when you decide to buy beer online, you could argue you are simply being a traditionalist.
Yes, I appreciate that rather a tentative way to look at things, but it does counter the argument that many from the real ale brigade have against ordering your drinks online.
Perhaps a more practical reason not to buy beer online is that many do not like the taste of their drinks when they have been sealed in a metal or aluminium can. To the real ale connoisseur, the thought of drinking out of a metal container is heresy.
To counter this, a good brewery will produce ale is in glass bottles. Scientifically, glass will not taint any substance put in it, it'll taste exactly as it should do. It will only retain any aftertaste that it has picked up from the cask during the brewing and storing process.
However, despite this, there are yet more people who will argue against the idea of buying their Christmas beer online. Or indeed getting their ale online any time of year.
Arguments such as the risk of glass breaking, the reluctance of delivery services to leave alcohol on your doorstep should you not be in, and the possible demise of the traditional public house should everybody begin to drink at home are all cited as reasons for avoiding the Internet when ordering any alcoholic drinks.
I like to think I am slightly more pragmatic than this. At my house we entertain many guests over the Christmas and New Year period, and during the summer we have barbecues and parties. It is uncommon for a weekend to go by without us having some visitors, and I always like to be able to offer them a glass or can of beer.
To make sure I never run out, I simply buy beer online. It's always there, it gets delivered within 24 hours, and it's cheaper.
I'm sure many traditionalists will still argue with me, and some will twist their beards in anxiety at the thought of more and more people drinking at home. But it is just a practical and sensible way to proceed, as well as saving me a lot of money and hassle in the process.
If you want to take the plunge and buy beer online, then why not give Sadler's Ales a go. A traditional brewery that sell to the public
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