Friday, 10 June 2011

Ram Tam Thankyou Ma'am

Someone once told me Timothy Taylors Ram Tam Mild was simply Landlord with extra caramel as Wikipedia states "some dark milds are created by the addition of caramel to a pale beer." Well I can tell you now that jaded review is wholly inacurate. I haven't tasted this dark ale for a few years, it seems to have fallen off my ale spectrum and I had forgotten how good it tastes. In what could only be described as a sea of weak, hoppy home brews the classic Taylors pump clip stood like a becon welcoming me home. Who could say no? Not I.

A sensible 4.3% ABV Ram Tam is not heavy drink like its inky dark colour suggests. Indeed on the Timothy Taylors website it suggests its a winter warmer but there I was drinking it on a warm summers evening no problem but it is a mild. It most definately has its own character distinct from any other Taylors brew and is genuinely mildly hopped.

Caramel is present in this ale alongside roasted malts, giving it a mild nutty flavour with earthy tones with just a hint of freshly roast coffee beans. Ram Tam is not overly bitter and drinks a little below it strength.

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