Monday, 22 June 2009

Latitude 41 46' North, Longitude 50 14' West

Are the mighty Titanic Brewery sinking? It has been reported that this fine brewer of real ales has sent out hazy beer to its outlets. Hazy? Well, hazy would be flattering; cloudy is a more apt description. The offending article happened to be the seasonal Longitude (4.4%) which was well below the usual standard I have come to expect from Titanic. It tasted alright though, a very bitter light copper coloured ale with a smooth mouthfeel and sweet finish. This is a deep and complex beer, where the American hops offset the caramel sweetness to create its bitterness. Are Titanic drowning? Maybe its just a bad year for the hop or their next ale will have to be named 'Snorkel'.

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