Monday, 18 June 2007

Black Sheep Riggwelter

Riggwelter: from the Old Norse words "rigg", meaning back or shoulder and "velte", to overturn. If a sheep rolls over onto its back and can't get up without help, local Dales dialect says it is rigged or riggwelted.

Riggwelter is a full flavoured strong Yorkshire ale brewed using our unusual Yorkshire Square fermentation system. The result is a well balanced, deep chestnut coloured ale.

With its distinctive roast malt, Golding hops and banana fruit aromas, Riggwelter has the strongest and most complex flavour of all the Black Sheep beers.

  • ABV 5.7%
Tasting Notes: Riggwelter comes across immediately as rich, smoky and full of all those malty flavours associated with a strong dark ale. Chocolate, coffee and the banana reminded me of Bateman's Triple X although some argue with me about those banana notes. There is a reassuring bitterness with a nice dry finish. Paul Theakston's brewing heritage really comes through in Riggwelter. More flavoursome than Old Peculiar, Riggwelter does hold some reminiscences of that old favourite. With a thin head which holds its own this is a real ale which laces well and is very pleasing to the last drop.

Buy: Riggwelter is available on draught in pubs or available to buy online in a 500ml bottle

1 comment:

beermonster said...

I've not had any Black Sheep beers since I last went to Dick Hudson's (High Eldwick, nr Bingley). I can still taste it now! Mmm, beer...

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