Sunday, 29 March 2015

Brewsmith - Brewsmith Pale

As it says on the pumpclip 'assertively bitter and hoppy' Brewsmith Pale is a magnificent hop forward dry bitter ale with a lingering finish and an astringent mouthfeel. With an ABV of 4.2% it should be an easy drinking ale but due to its sharpness this can be a challenging drink for some. A slightly grassy yellow crystal clear ale with a milky head lightly speckled with air bubbles Brewsmith Pale hits the nose with a big floral aroma.

Brewsmith operate a 10 barrel plant on Cuba Industrial Estate in Ramsbottom, Bury.  Their brew kit is bespoke made.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Serlo - Ashover Brewery

A 4.4% pale ale from Ashover Brewery which gets its name from the Old Norse name Serlo a Teutonic word which means armour, arms, skill or device.

Serlo  de Pleshley was born in 1180 and was lord of the Manor for Ashover Derbyshire England. There's a whole host of rich history connecting rural villages and old money stretching from Whitby via the peak district to Agincourt in France woven around the village and its ancestors....

Serlo's Fork is a possibly a fork-shaped piece of land owned by the family or equally it could refer to the shape made by the junction of the three parishes of Ashover, Beeley, and Darley, Interetsingly it could also refer to a mediaeval gallows provided by Serlo de Pleasley,

Either way its a great name for a Derbyshire ale brewed from Simcoe and Galaxy hops and rich in delicate floral hops with citrus overtones. Light, fragrant and thirst quenchingly moreish Serlo won the recent Battle of the Beers contest at the 2014 Market Hall Beer Festival at the Assembly Rooms in Chesterfield an award truly deserved.
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